Podcasts I’m Listening to

Girl in Space

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Girl in Space is a sci-fi drama about, you guessed it, a girl in space. The Jurassic Park loving protagonist is alone on a research vessel, The Cavatica, floating through space and recording audio diaries. You follow along on her day to day life with her goat and robot Charlotte until things get shaken up when a suspicious blip of light shows up on the horizon. The plot really ramps up and gets interesting, but I’ll let you find out why so I don’t spoil anything. You can tell Sarah Rhea Werner, the creator, writer, producer, and voice actor works really hard on this podcast.

The Frontline Dispatch

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The Frontline Dispatch is an add-on for the show long-running show Frontline. Each episode is it’s own news story (except for the occasional double episode) about really interesting topics. It’s more of a short audio documentary. I think my favorite so far is the “Child Marriage in America” episode.

Sword and Scale

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Sword and Scale is my favorite true crime podcast. They really go in-depth about the different cases they cover. They’re all really interesting no matter the topic or case, but there have been a couple that are a little different from traditional episodes where they interview professionals related to crime like medical examiners and paramedics. They always compile articles and audio clips from different sources which they all provide links to on their website (yay for credible sources!). The articles on their website are really interesting too! They really are so much more than just a podcast.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

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I just started listening to this one fairly recently, but so far it’s pretty interesting and great to listen to while cleaning, working, etc.  Each episode is a little nugget of information related to girls and women. There’s everything from health and social issues to life skills we should all know. They also cover topics I don’t think you would hear covered anywhere else like is roller derby a sport or spectacle? Is being the first lady the hardest job in the world? and are single-sex classrooms more effective?

Feel free to leave me some podcast suggestions! I would love to find some new ones.


Spring Trend: Metallic Skirts


Metallic skirts have shot up in popularity during the last couple of months. I went from seeing them in a few specialty shops to now seeing them sold in mainstream stores like Nordstrom and Target. I am a big fan of this trend and I think it’s a great way to mix up an outfit in an unexpected way. So here are some of my ideas of how you can participate in this metallic skirt trend yourself!

Dressed up:

Dressed up 1

[Sweater]  [Skirt]  [Purse]  [Shoes]

I love wearing this outfit! The cream, pink, and burgundy are a great color combo. It’s feminine and classic but just a little bit trendy. It’s a trend you can rock even if you like to play it safe with your wardrobe.



Dressed up 2

[Sweater]  [Skirt]  [Earrings]  [Shoes]

Winter white is always a beautiful classic. I love the lace detailing on this sweater, it adds a little interest without being too “loud” or competing with the skirt. It’s mostly simple pieces and even though it’s all white it doesn’t all blend together because you have the different textures.



Dressed up 3

[Blouse]  [Skirt]  [Clutch]  [Heels]

With this outfit you’re sticking to a neutral and classic color palette but letting the interest be in the clothing items themselves. Are these shoes not to die for? And the gold detailing on the clutch!



Dressed up 4

[Blouse]  [Skirt]  [Clutch]  [Shoes]

I’ll be honest this outfit was inspired by one of my favorite Christmas tree color schemes, silver and blue. They look so good together and the dark muted navy really lets the silver skirt be the star of the show. I also added the geometric clutch for a bit of interest.


Casual 1

[Graphic tank]  [Skirt]  [Crossbody]  [Shoes]

I love the cobalt blue shade of this skirt! It’s gorgeous and with being metallic, very unique. I left the rest of the outfit very simple, casual, and comfortable. It would be perfect to wear if you’re just out running errands but still want to look cute and fashionable.



Casual 2

[T-shirt]  [Skirt]  [Jacket]  [Shoes]

I’ve always been a lover of juxtaposition between feminine skirts and edgy moto jackets but this one has a twist because it’s grey instead of black. Pink and grey always look so good together. It would also still look cute if you didn’t wear the jacket and just went with a grey top.



Casual 3

[Turtle neck]  [Skirt]  [Crossbody]  [Boots]

I went with the turtleneck and over the knee boots to give an almost bodysuit-like look; it really makes the skirt and bag pop. I went with a red bag for a spash of color which looks really good with an all black outfit. I love crossbody bags for everyday wear; they’re just so easy to throw on your shoulder and be able to have your arms free.



Casual 4

[Tee]  [Skirt]  [Coat]  [Flats]

With this outfit I chose a neutral colored base but went with a fun, colorful coat and matching shoes. The shoe and coat combo would look cute with any other outfit but the blue and white in the coat looks really good with the silver skirt and white tee. I also love the scallop detailing on these shoes; so cute!

How would you wear a metallic skirt?

Target 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar


One of my Christmas presents this year was this lovely 12 Days of Beauty advent calendar from Target.  It was so fun getting to open the doors every day, but it was even more fun trying out so many new products!  There was nothing in it that I had tried before.

I love the box’s black and gold color scheme with an adorable leaf pattern on the front.



The calendar itself is $15, and Target claims it’s a $58 value. Just adding together the prices of the seven full-size items is $35.59, so you’re already getting all of those for over half off. Adding together the prices of everything in the calendar is $42.49. I don’t know where they got the $58 value.


Door one: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

door 1

I was so excited to try probably the most recognizable mascara on the planet. I have seen it on store shelves ever since I was a kid but have never picked up a tube. Sadly I was a little disappointed with it. It clumped my lashes together more than I like, left particles of mascara behind, and I wasn’t impressed with the wand shape.

Full size: .43 fl. oz. $4.49

Calendar size: .15 fl. oz. would be $1.52

Door two: E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac

door 2

I have tried the original lip exfoliator (does that count as trying something in the calendar?), but the mint flavor is ten times better. It’s refreshing and doesn’t taste bad after the first or second use once you get past the top layer of the “lip balm”. I want to try the cherry flavor next!

Full size:  .11 oz $3.00

Calendar size: Full size!

Door three: HASK Argan Oil Repairing Shine Hair Treatment

door 3

My first impressions after opening the bottle were “This smells really good!” It has a citrus like scent. It makes my hair smooth, soft, and makes styling easier. I was a little worried about the bottle leaking, but as long as you make sure the lid is really snapped on you’ll be fine.

Oddly enough I couldn’t find this product on Target’s website, so I linked it from Ulta.

Full size0.61 oz. $2.99

Calendar size: Full size!

Door four: Acure Organics Eye Cream 

door 4

First off, an eye cream really isn’t necessary. Most of the time a good night moisturizer or serum will do the trick.  I didn’t really notice a difference after I started using it, but there weren’t any negative affects either.  It’s in a tube which is great for eye cream and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy after you put it on.

Though be aware the preservative in this product, potassium sorbate isn’t strong enough on its own to protect against bacteria and other bad things. Also, there is mixed research on whether plant and fruit stem cells can do anything for human skin, but of course do your research.

Full size: 1 oz. $7.89

Calendar size: Full size!

Door five: Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic

door 5

I was so excited to try this product! I have seen people raving about it for so long.  It kind of smells like sunscreen which fades pretty fast, but the fragrance could irritate very sensitive skin.

I wish the sample bottle would have been a little bigger to give you time to actually see a difference. I’ve gotten 6 or 7 uses out of it and only have a use or two left. I do plan on buying a full-size bottle and hope to see results.

Full size: 3.4 fl. oz. $15.00

Calendar size: 0.5 fl. oz. $0.03

Door six: Vichy Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer

door 6

Target lists this as a moisturizer but I use it as a serum and still use my regular moisturizer. It’s a unique texture, not a really a liquid but not a gel either. It’s right in the middle.

Just putting it on makes my skin feel softer and I enjoy using it, but I don’t think it’s good enough for me to buy a whole bottle for nearly $17.

Full size: 1.69 oz. $16.89

Calendar size: 0.15 oz. $1.35

Door seven: Nyx Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in Lavender Lust

door 7

I was a little taken aback by the fact that it’s purple, but once you blend it out it’s subtle and looks nice. After the initial shock, I actually like that it’s purple because if I would have seen it at the store I would have never bought it in purple. Just goes to show it’s good to try new things!

Full size: 0.21 oz. $7.99

Calendar size: Full size!

Door eight: Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture Intensely Hydrating Masque

door 8

Y’all… this hair mask is amazing! The best one I have ever tried. The day after using it I had thought “hmm my hair looks better than usual today” but couldn’t figure out why, and then I realized I had used this the night before. It was so smooth, soft, and just looked really good! I had been planning on putting my hair up but when I saw how good it looked I decided to leave it down.

I just desperately wish it came in a bigger size like an actual bottle instead of this foil packet. I will probably get about 4 or 5 uses out of it.

Full size: 1.5 oz. $3.99

Calendar size: Full size!

Door nine: Honest Beauty Everything Organic Facial Oil

door 9

The packaging is pretty, but is the product good enough to buy a whole bottle? Heck no. The full size is $55 for an ounce. The sample is the size of a perfume sample and it wasn’t even full. You would think they could have been generous and given a little more.

The product itself is okay. It gives your skin a healthy glow and a bit of a dewy finish, but I’m sure there are cheaper products out there that are just as good.

It does feel and smell like oil, but unless you put a ton on you wouldn’t feel like your face is covered in oil. You can just feel that there is something on your skin.

Full size: 1 fl. oz. $55.00

Calendar size: 0.03 fl. oz. $0.01

Door ten: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

door 10 (2)

Believe it or not, I have never used a beauty blender before, so I was so excited to get this! It’s the Real Techniques brand which is really popular. I really appreciate that they did package it in plastic to keep it clean and sanitary.

Full size: 1 sponge $5.99

Calendar size: Full size!

Door eleven: Eylure False Lashes in Natural No.031

door 11

I haven’t used them yet so I can’t vouch for the quality (maybe I’ll do a full review in the future?), but these lashes look really nice and natural. They’re like your lashes but better, which is much more of my taste than dramatic obviously fake lashes.

Full size: One pair $3.74

Calendar: One pair

Door twelve: Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

door 12

This cleanser is free of so many bad ingredients! It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and gentle. It smells good but it is pretty strong. Not to mention fragrance really isn’t necessary in skincare and can be irritating to skin, so I wish they would get rid of it.

You can buy the trial size so does this sample count as full size since you can buy it?

Full size: 5 fl. oz. $4.49

Buyable trial size: 0.7 fl. oz. $3.99

Calendar size: Buyable trial size

I would have liked to have seen some type of lip product (a lip balm, lipstick, or lipgloss) in the calendar, but there’s always next year! I would love for Target to make a 2018 version.

All of the products were packaged really well and snug in their little slots, so they were all in perfect condition. The Acure eye cream and Vichy moisturizer even had boxes but I had thrown them away before taking pictures.